About Us


The Development

Altair Australia Courses (Altair Australia Course online courses) is the brain child of author/writer/editor/literary agent/course creator and tutor Robert N Stephenson. By offering this first course in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Writing, an introductory course in the genre field, he endeavours to promote a stronger understanding of genre and the growth of new voices.


Be Prepared to Write and Write Well

From the moment you start this one of the online writing courses you will be required to read widely and write as often as you can. Writing just for course assignments will not be enough and one on one interaction with a tutor through emails will enable the learner to get over hurdles that usually stall progress. Professional writers will guide you along the way. The only hard thing about writing is knowing what to do with all the ideas you will learn to generate.


FREE Reading materials will be provided

Most courses generate the need to buy books so you can understand the creation of short stories and the development of ideas. Altair Australia Pty Ltd, the parent company of Altair Australia Courses will make available its published  (anthologies (e-books) to help students gain the reading experience they will need to create and complete stories. These are all short story collections and feature some of the best writers in the short story field today.