Questions You Need to Always Consider

 How to tell if a course has widespread credibility.Nothing can ever guarantee a courses value as 100% foolproof, but there are several things that can indicate credibility.Consider the following checklist; and courses that check on more counts are likely to be more credible than those that match less.

  • Duration of a course – it stands to reason that you cannot learn as much in a very short course. 
  • Quality of staff –consider qualifications, quantity and quality of experience. (
  • Services offered –consider how accessible tutors are, what additional services have been developed
  • How well established is the institution – long established institutions are more likely to be sound (Robert has tutored over 2000 students at 3 colleges he wrote versions of this course for)
  • Visibility –an institution that is known widely within a discipline; employs staff that have international reputations and/or is ranked high on internet searches will hold greater international credibility than one that is obscure and known little beyond their own town  
  • Reputation –recognition, partnerships and affiliations.
  • Graduate success –satisfied and successful graduates are the most certain indicator of a courses value. If available testimonials are useful guides.
  • Any credible course provider should present it’s credentials clearly

  1. These are all valid questions. Altair Australia Courses is a new venture and some of these questions will deliver better answers in time.