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Science Fiction Fantasy and Horror Course 2018 -   

In the developing literary field, the art of genre writing is becoming more of a demand than just a passing phase, which started its first passing in 1947 and has been in phase ever since. Understanding genre writing is as much about understanding writing or the creation of stories in general than anything truly strange or outlandish. Dedicated materials on the subject, while available are often directionless, or unsupported. 

The writing revolves around people who commit to long, lonely hours to create works of fiction to alleviate the minds of those interested in worlds beyond themselves. This course is designed to help these people grow their skills and further develop their passion for the craft. 

This course by Altair-Australia-Courses has been designed to deliver a writer's approach to genre writing and an industry standard understanding of what can be achieved with dedication and helpful knowledge. 

This course, written and tutored by Robert N Stephenson, introduces the learner to the field by actively engaging them in developing their stories. The course deals with creating characters, delving into dialogue, examining the activeness of the perfect scene (and all its applications to everything you will ever write). Study Book 1 – contains 31 study sections in a fast examination of what it takes to create a story, be it in short story or novel. Study Book 2 – contains 26 study sections which include a look at publishing and the options available.   Each booklet includes four assessments for a total of 8 with a percentage grade system to show development and improvement. Each assessment with being graded with a report supplied on what can be improved, what were the strengths and how well the general development of skills are progressing. The tutor will be available for questions throughout the course, though there will be no debate about grades or interpretations of submitted materials. At all times the submitted work must tell the story and follow guides.   

A Certificate of Attainment will be supplied at the completion of the course in full and all assessments graded above 55%. 

  1. About Robert N Stephenson: Robert holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (BSZ)  A Certicicate IV in Trainsing and Assessment (TAE) and an Advanced Diploma in Arts (Professional Writing and Editing). He has written and published 2 novels and two collections as well as a twice printed book of poetry. His short fiction has appeared in over 100 publications worldwide as well as winning awards in Australia and the USA. He has twice been a judge of the Aurealis Awards and Twice for Australian Shadows Award. His imprint Altair Australia Books has published 24 works from various international authors (McDevitt, Williams, Brin, Mason and Forsyth) and has published an anthology every year containing works from international authors.