SF/F/H Course Open College

The Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Course I did with Robert N Stephenson, whose valuable experience is shown, improved my writing a considerable amount and the enthusiasm it brought me still flows in my writing. The benefits from learning the course is an expense I will pay more over because you are getting value for the cost.  

Robert Cristante from North Queensland, Australia. 

Creative Writing Course Open College

I am so pleased that I have had the opportunity to work with you. I have learnt a lot, and am only too aware I have a lot more to learn. 


Creative Writing Course Open College

Thank you for all the support and guidance during this course. You have definitely been a source of knowledge and have motivated me further to excel. I have learnt so much and hope to complete another course around 2018. Who knows, one day you may find your name in my acknowledgments 


Creative and SF Course - Open College

Whether you’re a beginner, dabbling hobbyist or experienced novelist, I have no doubt you would find Robert Stephenson a proficient, honest and charming trainer.   

I am currently undertaking my second writing course (Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror), I feel privileged to be tutored by Robert and personally attest to him possessing the following qualities:

1. Timely response to queries / marking assessments; 

2. Helpful articles with grading reports; 

3. Experienced in writing, training and support; and 

4. Constructive criticism and helpful feedback.   

Robert is very passionate about what he does, extremely competent and consistently trustworthy. I highly recommend him to those interested in studying writing. 

Noni Umson.     

Creative Writing Course Open College

Thank you very much for the wonderful feedback you have given me throughout this course. I have appreciated your speedy responses and the detailed and very positive feedback you have provided. I found your comments immensely encouraging and will certainly take your advice and work on some of the writing I have done so far. I have gained a bit of an insight into how difficult it can be to write, and believe have improved my writing ability and have a better idea on how to continue to improve. Thank you also for the articles you have included in your feedback.